The Power of Breathing

I choose life, I choose to breathe!

The way you breathe says everything about how you live your life, how you connect with life and the weight you carry with you.

The Power of Breathing aims to transform trauma and negative thought patterns on a deep level. This way you can live more from love, fun, freedom and trust.

A breathing session consists of three phases, which together form an entire session.

  • Phase 1

    The first phase is aimed at opening and connecting the breath, which means that you will breathe in your stomach and chest without pauses between inhalation and exhalation. We call this the physical level at which breathing patterns as a result of stuck emotions and trauma are broken. The transformation has already started.

    In a moment of fear, sadness or anger, we tend to unconsciously breathe as little as possible as if we resist that feeling. When you look at a newborn baby, you see an open breath. You can see the whole body breathing. In the course of our life we ​​will create our own breathing pattern, as a result of what we experience. By breaking this breathing pattern, by means of open and connected breathing, we also break patterns we have come to live by.

  • Phase 2

    We call the second phase mental, emotional phase.
    The therapist strengthens the healing process through naming positive affirmations and treating pressure points, areas on the body where energy has become trapped.
    You can compare what happens with the frequency of sound. Each sound has its own frequency. The higher the sound, the higher the frequency. With emotions you have to deal with a vibration number. You could say that sadness, fear, anger and depression have a low vibration number. Joy and infatuation on the other hand have a high vibration number.

    The Power of Breathing is the most effective method to permanently transform areas in your body with a low vibration number (e.g. trauma) into a high vibration number. This means that you bring e.g. depressive, paralyzing feelings, to the level of joy and vitality.

    An important difference with other therapies is that the cause of negative emotions is less important. The Power of Breathing is mainly focused on transforming to a desired level.

  • Phase 3

    We call the third phase the spiritual phase. This is the phase in which you get to the deeper core of yourself. This is the level in which all the transformed is given a place. Also called the integration phase. This level of the session allows us to consciously come into contact with our higher self. It is a meditative trance state, in which healing takes place at the deepest level. This state is often experienced by people as a deeper state of being.

    The entire session is supported by appropriate music.

The Power of Breathing is a very powerful way to work on yourself on a physical and emotional level. It helps against all kinds of diseases, stuck patterns and trauma. Each breathing session you undergo takes you one level deeper and after a number of sessions you are able to do a session completely independently at home.

The Power of Breathing is a truly wonderful way to get in touch with your body and thus with the deepest core of yourself. It is also a tool that you can take with you in your life for all possible nasty moments that could come. When you learn to breathe through unpleasant moments by means of open, connected breathing, these moments will not be able to control the quality of your life.