The therapy is generally suitable for anyone who is willing to “work on themselves.” The effect and duration of the therapy largely depends on the complexity of the problem, the motivation of the client and the extent to which he is able to take responsibility for himself and his process.

Separate sessions can also be done, such as just one breathing session, for example with the aim of relaxing a little more and getting into your body.

The therapy can also be used as a voyage of discovery to improve the possibilities and qualities in yourself. Or just to get to know yourself better.

The therapy is not suitable if you have been directed by someone else, while you actually don’t want to. Or if you want to use it as proof for, for example, legal or legal matters.

When you decide to start a single session or a therapeutic process, I will evaluate whether your question is suitable to start with me.

Reasons for therapy include

  • Fears, anger, sadness, insecurities, depression, relationship problems and sexual problems.

  • Character traits that bother you and beliefs that hold you.

  • Physical complaints without medical cause.

  • Fear of death and feelings of pointlessness.

  • The aftermath of accidents, robberies or rape, war violence or the loss of loved ones.

  • The feeling of being stuck, not seeing a way out.

  • Loss of direction: where should you go, what should you do, what is the meaning of life or what is your destination?

  • Not being able to change. Although you know what’s going on and what to do, you can’t change it.

  • Discover hidden talents or for general personal development.



65 euro per hour
A session lasts 1 to 2 hours on average

Free 15 minutes introductory call

Online consult

60 euro per hour
A session lasts 1 to 2 hours on average

Free 15 minutes introductory call