Review  (anonymously):

Elle is a nice, calm and understanding therapist. I reported to her during a turbulent period. She was trusting and received me warmly and understandingly. Together we worked on processing old (child) pain, healing and self-embracing. She listened patiently and with a sharp eye she always guided me where I needed to be to heal. I got a lot of insights from it and benefited enormously from the regressions and breathing sessions. With this I managed to consciously reach the pain that was unconsciously stuck in my body. I learned to feel and allow, recognize and acknowledge my feelings in safety. And how I could give myself what I needed in this. As a result, survival mechanisms crumbled and I became more and more free.

Now I can take care of the cherished child that lives in me and I know how to become aware again and again – with the breath – and to comfort and reassure myself. The trust Elle had in me has now become the trust in myself. I now live with much more confidence, peace, freedom and love for myself. I recommend it to anyone who wants to reconnect with themselves in a simple way that works deeply.